Jordan & AlyseI've gotta say, like every lady I've ever met, I love a groom that bawls his eyes out.

Did you know it can be hard to look through a camera lens when tears are flowing from your eyes?  Jordan and Alyse went a long way to restoring my faith in humanity.  Smart, funny, popular, amazing looking, humble, unselfish, people of faith and courage.  I’ve gotta say, like every lady I’ve ever met, I love a groom that bawls his eyes out.  Maybe that’s because I was one of those grooms… or maybe because it speaks  when the throat chokes up and the words won’t come.  But when the groomsmen all lose it too, it’s all over… one big cry-fest, and I love it!

From Alyse…

We feel so blessed to have had Wes as our wedding photographer. He captured our day perfectly. His eye for detail is incredible and the quality of his photos blew us away. Wes made us so feel comfortable and relaxed. We have such phenomenal photos to remember our day by and are so grateful that he was a part of our wedding.


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