Dan & JayneI'd not heard of him. And maybe you haven't either. But if you're a country music fan, he's kind of a big deal.

I’ve never been a fan of country music.  But then I had this prejudice against other things too – mushrooms, AFL, Queensland, coffee.  Then this happened.  Jayne fell in love with a boy called Dan… Dan Murphy.  Of course I’d not heard of him.  And maybe you haven’t either.  But if you’re a country music fan, he’s kind of a big deal.  At least that’s what I said when I texted a selfie of me and him to my country mates.  And so in the course of one weekend, my world changed.

Dan and Jayne wed on their Aussie bush property in the Hunter Valley to the tunes and cheers of a very country gathering.  Travis Collins strummed his guitar and there was dancing and laughter.  Horses galloped and this naive man had his world opened to the community enjoyed by Dan and Jayne.  Is a Tamworth Country Music Festival on the cards now?  Is Slim Dusty?

From Jayne…

Wes has an innate ability to not only capture a moment, but capture the spirit of it.  Looking through our album is like experiencing the wedding all over again – the joy, the surprises, the little tears, the fun, the love and connections between our family and friends.  Even friends who were unable to attend our wedding shared the emotions of our big day when they saw our photos.  I really dislike having my photo taken, but in Wes’s photos, I actually look like I’m enjoying it! Wes just fits in and you hardly notice he’s there. Next thing you know, he has taken hundreds of fabulous photos! Wes can make anyone feel at ease in front of the camera and he finds beauty in everyone and every moment.


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