Ivan & BronwynOnly Bronwyn and Ivan know the depth of their destiny, but the pictures tell the story where words fail.

I often feel there is no greater privilege than to be invited to walk by the side of a bride and groom through their wedding day, and be tasked with telling their story.  But when you’ve walked much of your lives by their side, the journey is so much deeper.  Such was my privilege when photographing Ivan and Bronwyn’s wedding.  Bronwyn was a bridesmaid at my wedding and has been always been a loyal friend, the kind you know will stick up for you no matter what.  We have laughed, cried, prayed and played with Bronwyn over many years and know more than most of the journey to the joy of her wedding day.  I make no secret of the fact that I’m a believer and I can say that I’ve never taken more spiritually significant photos than the ones played out in this wedding.  Only Bronwyn and Ivan know the depth of their destiny, but the pictures tell the story where words fail.

From Bronwyn,

Wes was our number one choice of photographer for our wedding day. Having seen his previous work we were immediately impressed by his obvious passion for photography and photographic style.  We found Wes to genuine with a strong work ethic. He was calm, professional and creative, ensuring we had the best shots to tell our story.  Wes worked tirelessly to put treasured memories in our hands by the time we returned from our honeymoon. We will cherish these forever.  We look forward to having Wes capture more moments for us in the future.


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