Leighton & CarrieCertain days define your life. Not who you are, but what you're going to do with it. This was one of those days. You see, I have a confession to make...

Certain days define your life.  Not who you are, but what you’re going to do with it.  This was one of those days.  You see, I have a confession to make… even though I’m posting this as a wedding I photographed on my wedding blog, I wasn’t the official photographer.  I know, I know, it sounds bad… but as you’ll see, I don’t have many pictures of the bride and groom, because I was very careful to stay out of the way of the official photographer.  I was in actual fact, the wedding celebrant, or pastor.  But I say this day was defining, because on this day, I had more fun taking pictures than even taking the ceremony – and that’s saying a lot because taking wedding services was my favourite part of working as a pastor.  The privilege of being involved on the couple’s most important of days was never lost on me.  And now, as a photographer, it is even more important as there is no single other person the bride and groom will spend more time with on their wedding day than the photographer – or me at least as I’ll photograph from dawn till midnight if that’s what’s needed to tell the whole story.

Leighton and Carrie were wed on Beechmont, QLD and were incredibly blessed with the family and friends present.  They’re amazing people – because they’re my people.  This was a family wedding where everything took on more meaning.  And rightfully so, because Leighton and Carrie are the kind of people that are making the world a better place working in developing countries for NGOs.  You’ll see some of that sunshine glow from them on their day in this story.  Come on in to the family – you’re invited.


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